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Do you want to know more about Sicily? Here the right place to get many information about it. Our author from Sicily will guide you through all wonderful and amazing places. Sicily - large and rich island opposite the Italian mainland. In Antiquity, it was settled by Phoenicians and Greeks, and contested by the Carthaginians, Romans, Ostrogoths, and Byzantines.




Travel to Sicily

A Sud di Siracusa - South of Siracusa

South of Siracusa, one of the best seaside and countryside in Sicily. Beautiful coasts, natural reserves, traditional activities and colorful sea beds, just few miles from the ancient greek city. Even in full summer, you will find some less-known places far from the crowd. Easy to reach from town center by bus service or by car (there is a little train too from the station to Fontane Bianche), the seaside south of Siracusa can be visited in a one day tour but is preferable to plan some days to relax and explore the zone.


Punta della Mola

Punta della Mola, in front of Syracuse, at the beginning of Plemmirio marine reserve. Undoubtedly, one of the most beautiful sea shore in Sicily. Known also as Pillirina promenade, located at the edge of Maddalena peninsula, the zone of Punta della Mola closes Siracusa gulf on the south-east side. During second world war there was a military base. Its ruins are still evident in the aerea. There are also some ancient caves and tombs but archaeology is not the main feature of the site. Local people loves this place especially in spring or summer for its beautiful beaches, one facing Syracuse and Ortigia island, the other looking south, well protected by a rocky creek, with a nice view on the cliffs of Plemmirio. For those who like scuba, this location can be particularly interesting. The seabed shows a typical flora and wildlife, thanks to the special natural formations similar to coral reefs. Low platforms, made of cemented shells of mollusks, are a perfect sample of the Mediterranean sea environment. Access to the sea is quite easy almost every where. Anyway, scuba or not, one relaxing day in its warm water is really pleasant.

To reach Punta della Mola is quite simple, especially by car. There are several panels that show the different routes to seaside, each one marked by a number. Take number 43, leave the car along the road and walk a few minutes towards the sea.

Serra del Salifizio

  The Etna, south side, altitude 2000 meters. A different point of view on south-east crater and Valle del Bove, the great valley where most of the pouring lavas flow in. This easy trail offers beautiful landscapes, far from the crowd of main roads. You can leave the car at "Piano del Vescovo" or in the area of "Crateri Silvestri" and start from there. The ascent follow the trail of "Schiena dell'Asino". It is not so hard, almost one hour or less depending from your own capabilities. No particular difficulties to be expected. You'll reach altitude 2000 meters and then will walk on a flat surface. From there the view is breathtaking. If you are lucky you can see the crater's activity in real time at a safety distance. Don't forget that Etna is a volcano, altitudes are relevant and weather changes quickly.

Even in summer, it is better to be prepared in case of strong wind, fog or rain. In winter, of course, probably you'll find snow on the trail so be careful. Referring to a local guide in this period could be a good idea.


Buccheri - Bosco Pisano

  3.5 Km from Buccheri, district of Siracusa, along the S.P. 71 (district road 71). The magic wood of Bosco Pisano is just behind an iron gate, waiting for those who love trekking in quiet nature. The wood covers the north side of Costerotte Mountain till the "Piana di Rizzolo", a nice example of flat sicilian land. It's surface reach actually ha 400. The wood is very old, probably already existing in late middle age. It has been extended with cork oaks by last owner, the "Pisano" family, from whom it takes actual name, but it still hosts several secular trees. Among them, the Zelkova Sicula survives, a very rare plant exclusive of this area and a similar one near Melilli. No other place in the world. Zelkova Sicula is a sample of living fossil coming directly from the ice age that followed dinosaurs extinction. So if you are lucky to meet one of these plants, remember to be careful and not to damage it!

A part from its prehistorical interest, Bosco Pisano is perfect for a relaxing walk along trails that cross the wood, admiring this peaceful nature. Down in the narrow valley below, the Sughereta creek flows and all the countryside is green and full of colored flowers. Spring is the best period to plan an excursion.


Punta Ciriga

District of Ragusa, South coast of Sicily. Punta Ciriga is at the end of a long beach starting from Santa Maria del Focallo, a little town few kilometers from Ispica, directly on the seaside. Big cities are distant so the coast line, alternatively sandy beaches and low cliffs, is quiet and peaceful even in high season. Sicilian sea in this aerea shows the best of itself, beautiful colors, clear waters and an amazing underwater habitat, full of life. The curious moray I met during my last visit is an example of the great variety in submarine fauna. So don't forget your diving mask. Punta Ciriga is the perfect location for those who prefer relaxing far from the crowd. Summer, of course, is the best period but I suggest to consider spring too, as sea water temperature in the south of Sicily is quite warm even in the second part of April and in May.


Ponte dei Saraceni - Saracens Bridge

Not so far from Adrano, down in an hidden canyon of Simeto river valley, there is the"Ponte dei Saraceni", the saracens bridge. This is an ancient stone bridge, probably built by the romans and then renewed in the middle age by the arabs (the legend says) or by the norman. Natural landscape is dominated by the "Forre del Simeto", Simeto gorges, a deep fracture in old lava surface where the river flows in waterfalls and little lakes limited by rocky walls, sometimes less than two meters narrow. The trail from the bridge goes up both sides of the river (and sometimes inside it) in a peaceful and sunny environment. In the wet season it may be difficult to cross the rapids so it is better to visit this place in Autumn or late in Spring (Summer is too hot!), when the trail is easy. Footage and photos are from Canon Legria, Olympus OM-D EM5 MKII, Nikon D3100. GPS/satellite maps are made with Suunto Travel. We used CyberLink PowerDirector 15 for Post-production and editing.

Licodia Eubea - La Grotta dei Santi - The Saints cave

The Saints Cave is a solitary archaeological site in the territory of Licodia Eubea, six kilometers from Monterosso Almo. We are just on the border between Catania and Ragusa district. This location is a beautiful example of Sicily countryside. Here you'll find a mystical ancient cave surrounded by a spectacular landscape. The Cave is well reported by road signals and panels in the state route n. 194. You can leave the car at kilometer 59 and walk along an easy trail that leads to the site in a few minutes. The cave (effectively there are more than one) is in the "Poggio dei Santi", an hill not more than 600 meters high. Inside you'll find an ancient religious painting, probably dating in the early middle age. Jesus is on the cross with the Virgin Mary and Saint John. The little figure with the spear is Longino. All around several graves and other traces of human settlement. Graffiti on the painting show that the place has been used until the XV century, starting far back in the past, probably in the late roman empire as a cemetery and then transformed in a rocky monastery.

Out of the cave, you will find a wonderful landscape with the "Cava dei Volaci" valley and its quiet countryside, grown lands, hills and silence. Don't forget to walk up to the top of the hill. From there you can admire the panorama on the opposite side towards the town of Vizzini. If the sky is free from clouds, the upper cone of Etna volcan will be visible.



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