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Amsterdam is always a fascinating city. Its historic center is a treasure declared World Heritage by UNESCO. In spring the town is filled with light and colors, while during summer long bright days are ideal to visit its districts. But every season has its own special atmosphere in Amsterdam and the city seems to change clothes to adapt itself to the different weather.




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Particularly, this is evident in Autumn, when Amsterdam shows its most authentic character, an intimate soul you never expect in a "cool" town like this. So If you think to plan a trip to Amsterdam, you should consider November. It is the rainiest month, I know, and visiting the city will be sometimes a little bit difficult, but this perhaps makes it even more charming. In this period, walking on its avenues or riding a bike along the magnificent canals will offer you a full immersion through the romantic vibes of Amsterdam. I'm sure you won't regret. And don't forget to book a boat tour! It is impossible to define main attractions in Amsterdam, it depends on your own interests. Personally I liked the flower market (Bloomarket), not only flowers but delicious cheeses to taste; Dam Plein, the main square in the city center; the Beginhof, the shopping area, the Anne Von Franke House, the Rijksmuseum and the other important museums, the Poezenboot, the boat that houses abandoned cats, the Jordaan, etc. It is up on you, make your own choices and don't worry if you forget something, Amsterdam deserves more than a single trip. Moreover at night, like a noble lady, Amsterdam changes clothes to offer the best of itself when the day ends. After sunset, lit the lights, the town dresses in colors and gold. It looks beautiful mirroring itself on the calm waters of its canals. And the show will go on all night long. To those who loves pets, particularly, and families with children as well, I would like to suggest a visit to the cat boat. "The Catboat is the only animal sanctuary that literally floats. A refuge for stray and abandoned cats which, thanks to its unique location on a houseboat in Amsterdam's picturesque canal belt, has also become a world-famous tourist attraction. The one and only Catboat." This is the original description of De Poezenboot (the Catboat) you can read on the website : Many other interesting information are reported on the website. I've been there in November 2017 and found exactly what they say: a comfortable house-boat for homeless cats. A visit to this little sanctuary is an unique and amazing experience but, at the same time, an help to this non-profit organization that is financially supported only by donors and volunteer work. Their goal is to help as many cats in need as possible. This includes cats that have been found or cats that people can’t or will not take care of anymore. So, if you are in Amsterdam for any reason, if you love animals and, particularly, cats, you should consider a visit to De Poezenboot. I'm sure you'll not regret!


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